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Bootrec.exe is a Windows utility that reconstructs the Master Boot Record. If the computer suddenly won't boot because a virus or some other type of hard disk corruption, usage of the Bootrec.exe utility may be able to fix the issue.    Read More. 

The System File Checker is a Windows utility application that compares your current critical Windows Operating System Files to a known valid set of critical Windows Operating System files and replaces any corrupt system files with the copy of it's valid counterpart. If there are any anomalies in the way your computer is running, it is always prudent to first run the System File Checker.    Read More. 

If you are in the midst of an extended power outage and are fortunate enough to have a generator that you picked up from the local department store, then you are probably are a bit miffed when you find out that your Battery Backup, cell phone, laptop, or any other electronic device for that matter, does not charge.    Read More. 

A Restore Point is a copy of critical system configuration files that Windows and other applications utilize to run. Without these configuration files, Windows along with other applications will cease to function properly.    Read More. 

This shows how to create a windows 10 recovery disk.    Read More. 

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