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SynopsisThis example creates an Excel file in a memory stream, dynamically, using OpenXML and AspNetCore. Then, it returns it to the user in the form of an Excel file with the proper mime type such that the user will be prompted to open the file with Excel. The Excel file sample shows how to create text cells, date ells, number cells, boolean cells, and cells with formulas. This example also demonstrates how to construct a stylesheet as well as formatting columns.    Read More. 

This post provides a generic class that allows easy implementation and usage of Session Variables in an AspNetCore web application. Session Variables in AspNetCore web applications are somewhat cryptic when compared to other programming languages like PHP. This class attempts to alleviate the complexities by providing a very simple object that manages a website user's session meanwhile allowing the programmer to concentrate on the data model representing what he or she wants to store on the server side.    Read More. 

This post shows how to use the HttpClient in C#. The HttpClient is the means by which core, and windows application perform web service calls. This sample uses a wrapper class around the HttpClient object such that appropriate error handling can be accomplished.    Read More. 

This post shows how to send an email message with an embedded image as part of the message.    Read More. 

This post shows how to use a sortedset in c#    Read More. 
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