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A Backup is defined as a copy of files made at a certain point of time. If computer files get corrupted, one can restore the backup and thus recreate the corrupted files as they were at the time the backup was done. A backup is considered as an intermediary component in a total backup solution.    Read More. 

A System Image is a complete copy of your computer's boot hard drive. It may also include any additional drives as so required. You can think of a system image as a snapshot of your data at a specific point in time.    Read More. 

File History is a Windows feature that makes intermittant backups of the files contained in your libraries, Desktop, Contacts, and Favorites. The near real-time backups are stored on an attached external drive.    Read More. 

The Windows Firewall is a software application that monitors, prevents (blocks), and allows communication sbetween your computer and some other computer located on the public internet or the local (private) network.    Read More. 

System Restore is a utility that resets the computer's configuration data (a.k.a the registry) back to the values they were at a prior date and time. If your computer can boot, and you notice your computer acting sluggish or that you are experiencing error messages, the first place to start is to perform a system restore back to a date and time you know the computer was working normally.    Read More. 

Bootrec.exe is a Windows utility that reconstructs the Master Boot Record. If the computer suddenly won't boot because a virus or some other type of hard disk corruption, usage of the Bootrec.exe utility may be able to fix the issue.    Read More. 

A Restore Point is a copy of critical system configuration files that Windows and other applications utilize to run. Without these configuration files, Windows along with other applications will cease to function properly.    Read More. 

This shows how to create a windows 10 recovery disk.    Read More. 
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